Cape Town has 9 738 km of roads for cyclists – but there’re still those who think we have no right to them…

just screamed at a bunch of cyclists using the highway and not the cycle path us tax payers spent millions building. Not feeling good about it though – if they want to kill themselves and us, well no good me losing it
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ME Oh dear 😦 But you do know that cyclists have the right to use the road, they don’t HAVE to use a bike lane (and often the bike lanes are really so utterly appalling that I usually do ignore them in favour of the road… 🙂
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ORIGINAL POSTER The cycle lane from Blouberg is brand new and double lane, the road has no verge in sections. How can it be justified when it endangers themselves and us – when there’s a specially built alternative?
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ME But fact that it’s new etc doesn’t change the law, that cycles are legitimate road users with the same right to rhe road. I’m not a big fan if bike lanes, rather reduce speeds and all share the road; it’s cheaper, more equitable, no losers except those who think cars are king:-)
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ANOTHER PERSON WHO THINKS CYCLISTS HAVE NO RIGHT TO THE ROAD: My understanding is: if there’s a bike lane, it’s illegal for cyclists to use the road instead. My opinion is: if there’s a bike lane, use it for f*ck sake. It’s safer. For everyone.
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ME No, the law is that cyclists may use any and all public roads but the freeway. Cyclists dont endanger car drivers, honestly! You’re safe in your tons of metal… Just be patient, we’re all human beings here:-)
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ME Ps, and just in case any one is about to raise this….:-) No, your car license is not buying your right to the road… It’s based on weight and is about the damage your car does:-) Roads, like hospitals, schools, etc are from the fiscus and we all have the right to them.
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ORIGINAL POSTER, for me it’s not about a perfect world, rather a realistic approach. You cannot risk lives simply for activism – cars exist as a fact of life. To condone bikes using busy roads simply because they should, is irresponsible.
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ME Surely it’s car drivers going too fast, not looking out, and driving badly that = irresponsible behavior?
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  1. Although I agree entirely with you re the first idiot’s FB rant, I read it differently: (s)he – but I guess he! – wrote ‘using the highway’, so I took it to mean they were riding illegally on the freeway. I certainly don’t agree with the rest of the comment and I wouldn’t scream abuse at cyclists if they were riding illegally, but I shudder when I see cycling commuters (and joggers, for that matter) crossing off-ramps on a road where cars are doing upward of 100 km/h.

  2. where do I find online map of cape town’s cycle paths. It’s the 21 Century, where is the graphic info. City of Cape Town has nothing on their website, yet these paths are their responsibility as is enabling their citizens to access them easily. No links to Google Maps with relevant routes, just lots of talk about the wonderful new 16km from civic centre to tableview.
    City of Cape Town, YOU WORK FOR US (so you say) then do a proper job of enabling NMT, don’t just do half the work!

    • Don’t even get us started on this topic 🙂 16 km of bike lane does not make a city cycle-friendly! Especially when all the other routes are haphazard, ad hoc and disconnected, and where there is no pro bicycle legislation. AND even the Civic Centre FORBIDS bicycles inside the building – that’s the City of Cape Town for you… We do the best we can with the budget we have to provide bicycle path info, but we don’t’ yet have the budget to put them online (print is still cheaper, believe it or not!). So you have a copy of our print map?

  3. What is the issue with online, how can it be cheaper to print? Is there a way the community can assist?

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