Dodgy areas along the MyCiTi bike lanes prove to be just that :-(

Right from the start, we discussed this issue with the relevants – the fact that the MyCiTi bike lanes near the Civic Centre were in a seriously dodgy area, and that many of us (particularly women) would feel safer on the road. Sadly, the suggestions were met with the type of reaction we expected (we’ll leave that up to you to decide what that would be…).
Such a pity that these areas have proved to be just the dodgy, dangerous areas we feared they’d become 😦 On our map we suggest you avoid this area until the buses start running – but seems not even the presence of the buses is able to stop the muggings…

See these posts from The Hub, below:
“I heard that there have been 2 muggings under the bridge on the BRT cycle lanes as you arrive\leave the CBD.
Are these true or just rumors?
The story I got was that they are grabbing your backpack as you cycle past and this happens at about 4:15 in the afternoon.”

“Not rumours.
A guy here @ work managed to outride two guys who ran at him.
But the week before, his mate wasn’t so lucky and had everything taken.

Its getting to the point where he would rather ride the N1 than risk that stretch…

“Ja, They nearly robbed me last Wednesday afternoon in between town and Paardin Eland. I managed to ride thru quickly. I will rather cycle on N1 than cycle lane for my safety…. ”

“That is what I do when cycling to Chapmans Peak from the Northern suburbs, i use the cycle lane and then go straight through paarden island onto the N1.”



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  1. For some perspective – I’ve never had any issues and never felt vulnerable.
    I ride the BRT track daily from Woodstock to Milnerton.
    Join the track at Woodstock at 7.50am…comeback around 5.30pm.

    Never felt anything other than safe.


    • Great that you feel safe, guess it doesn’t really help those who don’t, though, nor does it change the fact that people have been mugged there 😦 When I’ve cycled there alone I certainly don’t feel safe, those high fences on either side, and the remoteness of the area, are not great at all.

  2. Hi guys, anyone have an update on the safety situation here lately and specifically on Saturdays / public holidays? Keen to try CT – Big Bay on Wednesday morning for the first time, two of us – guy and girl, then getting the bus back.

  3. Thanks! Just found this suspiciously positive phrase on the Myciti website, reporting zero muggings since Dec 2011… Wonderful if it’s true!

  4. Love your phrase ‘suspiciously positive’ 🙂 I rode there last Monday with two colleagues and saw a few homeless people and pedestrians. The problem is also that there are high fences on either side of the dodgy areas, so you can’t escape should you feel threatened in any way. But during the weekends the route is busy.

  5. A little feedback: we didn’t see any security staff around the ‘dodgy’ areas (maybe they don’t work public holidays?) and felt a little bit nervous but it was a beautiful ride all the way. Got quite busy from Milnerton Market area onwards (at around 9:30) which was amazing! MyCiTi bus back worked a treat too, even changing the route to avoid a traffic jam from an earlier accident. Will definitely be doing it again!

  6. I was mugged on the MyCiti lane last week in Woodstock (Monday 23 July 2012) in broad daylight at 17:30 while riding home from work. Apparently a girl was stabbed here in an attempted mugging the week before at the same place. It is not lonely and a guy cycled past while it was in action but rode on, perhaps the right thing to do.

    There is a hole in the fence opposite the Marine Drive interchange where the concrete ballustrade meets the fence section before one passes under the N1. They took everything from me and escaped through the hole in the fence across the railways towards Woodstock.

    The Woodstock SAPS were very helpful and I was impressed by them. But unfortunately the same cannot be said for the MyCiti security who never came to my aid after the kind ticket lady at the Woodstock MyCiti station called them and I had waited there for 40 minutes for them to arrive. In addition it seems to me that the CCTV cameras aren’t monitored properly as the incident took perhaps 2 minutes and the footage was later viewed by the police, yet no security came to the scene at the time. It is now more than 10 days after the mugging and yet the fence hole is still there, even after I alerted MyCiti to this last week.

    I think we need to put more pressure on the city to improve security along the route as it is a fantastic asset to the city and we need to encourage cycling and make it safe for everyone.

  7. I’ve been wanting to cycle to work, Milnerton to Town, but after doing the route on the weekend I was rather concerned about safety. There were some dodgy caracters hanging around under the bridge in Woodstock and I must say, I did not feel safe at all. I was not alone on that ride but I would be if I cycle to work and back. I think it would be a bad idea for me as a woman to do this route alone. Such a pity!

  8. I only cycle there when I have a partner or partners. That stretch never felt safe. On my own I go on the N1. Police presence lately is comforting but I still won’t take the chance. I commute daily. i

  9. I was assaulted and robbed on this bike path near the Paarden Island bridge over the highway. Three guys hid under the bridge, emerging as I started to climb an incline on the bike path. All this, at 1pm on Election Day this month. The MyCiti staff were helpful, but their attitude was also: ‘You really should only be using this route in a group, it’s dangerous alone’. My response: *then put up a warning sign to that effect*. They countered that it would ‘discourage cyclists’. I have written to them about it, and am waiting for a response.

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