‘Argus’ time again… Which means it’s time for the anti-cyclist letter-writers to get going…




GoMetro, Metrorail’s mobile info service, looks back on its first 30 days in action

Thirty days ago, as part of Metrorail’s “Programme of Action” initiative, Metrorail Western Cape partnered with South African technology start-up company, mobi.lity, to launch Go Metro – a digital resource for commuters to have more control in their journey when travelling on Metrorail trains in the Western Cape. The first month has seen the mobi-site […]

Giving infrastructure projects a green rating: how to design ‘green’ from the inside out

As we face significant challenges issues such as climate change and global warning, it is clear that the engineering profession has a significant part to play in influencing the future of our planet. Whatever we may think about environmental responsibility, we can be sure of this: that we all need, and will continue to need, […]

Fuel-cell cargo bike could power your lights and TV too

Locally designed hydrogen-powered tricycle – named ‘A hi Fambeni’, Xitsonga for ‘Let’s go’ – has attracted much attention since its 2010 launch in South Africa as a sustainably powered goods-to-market vehicle for rural areas. It’s also an entry into the international SMART Mobility EnterPrize competition, which aims to identify existing and emerging sustainable mobility business […]


  1. I run and cycle on the road, and I am afraid that the “haters” you refer to have a point. Every day I see cyclists and runners behaving in a manner which endangers both the lives of motorists and their own.
    It would be a good thing to remember that it’s us cyclists and runners that are bound to come up second best in any kind of accident.

    • Problem is that it’s NOT cyclists that cause fatal crashes; it’s car drivers not obeying road rules, driving drunk, not looking, etc, that cause the deaths/injuries. Cyclists obeying road rules (which most do) won’t save lives, but motorists obeying road rules will!

      • Are you denying that there is a contingent of cyclists / runners that are guilty of breaking the rules of the road / being inconsiderate of motorists / other road users?

        It’s not simply a matter of road rules – it’s common sense and courtesy that count too. To use an example: there is a running club that I often see training in the Newlands / Claremont / Rondebosch area. They run in large groups, spilling off the pavement, requiring cars to either break, or drive around them. Not only is this illegal – it’s just plain stupid.

        Yes: runners (and cyclists) are road users too. However, it would serve them well to remember that – no matter who’s “fault” an accident may be – they are likely the ones who will come off second best, and possibly dead. In my mind it’s the same faulty logic used by the SlutWalk movement: yes, we should all be able to walk around naked in the streets, but in light of the knowledge that there are sick individuals out there who might see this as an invitation, would it not be wise to wear clothes? It’s only a matter of time before we see the following headline: “Group of runners die in tragic accident in Claremont”.

        Whilst it is likely true that few accidents are caused by cyclists directly, they are often guilty of riding in a manner guaranteed to antagonise drivers – who in South Africa are already fairly aggressive. So, even if you feel entitled to ride next to your best mate chatting whilst cycling up a windy narrow road, maybe it’s not wise. I am not defending either party – merely suggesting the safest course of action.

  2. Mr Ian Hamilton of Fresnaye, you sir are a tit. Does your pea brain not comprehend that cyclists drive cars too?

  3. johannrissik says:

    Ian Hamilton asked a simple question in a very polite manner. Any honest cyclist would acknowledge that he has a very valid point. Don’t attack him, prove to him that cyclists can behave like responsible road users. His point is that many cyclists ride like idiots and we all know that’s true.
    It’s in everyone’s interests that ALL road users behave responsibly.
    @ Luke:Calling him silly names serves no purpose.

  4. johannrissik says:

    OK, hellllooooo!!!! Anybody home? 😉
    My first comment has been “awaiting moderation” since Jan 27 at 3.35pm

    It might interest you to know that Ian Hamilton’s company sponsors cyclists, responsible ones.


  5. I completely agree that many cyclists flout the rules of the road, and behave as if we (I too, am a cyclist) are exempted from stopping at stop signs, and red traffic lights, without pausing to consider the effect on motorists…..it further promotes the notion that “all cyclists are inconsiderate, ignorant, aggressive road users”, and, in my view, it contributes to road accidents involving cyclists.

    My reading has led me to understand that, in order to modify motorists attitudes, and consequently their driving behaviour, we must grow and ride in numbers, and in a manner that encourages SHARING the road, not OWNING it….

    The Critical Mass Ride concept is on the right track for this – lets support this with full force!

    Also, through our club rides and social rides, we should be constantly challenging riders to ride considerately, and law-abidingly….


    To the Bicycle!

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