Cognitive dissonance… of the Cycle Tour, bikes on trains, and extra capacity…

Metrorail recently took a policy decision, we’re told, to not permit bicycles on trains in Cape Town – a decision that has significant impact on integration, equity and connectivity within a city of long travel distances (too far to ride). And when questioned about its inability to deal with desperately overloaded carriages in the metro-south-east, for example, Metrorail cites an inability to add extra carriages…

But when it comes to the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, Metrorail finds it possible not only to permit bicycles on trains, but to allocate EXTRA carriages and EXTRA trains… See below. And sadly, many of us are reaching activism-fatigue in this regard…

“To cater for cyclists in this year’s Cape Argus Cycle Tour, Metrorail has scheduled an extra train and allocated two carriages on it for cyclists. Tickets for cyclists will cost R40.00 and can be purchased at the Metrorail exhibition stand, Good Hope Centre, during the registration period (Thursday 8 – Saturday, 10 March 2012).

To plan your journey effectively visit or contact the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63 for train time tables.

Please note the last two carriages of these trains are RESERVED for CYCLISTS.”



GoMetro, Metrorail’s mobile info service, looks back on its first 30 days in action

Thirty days ago, as part of Metrorail’s “Programme of Action” initiative, Metrorail Western Cape partnered with South African technology start-up company, mobi.lity, to launch Go Metro – a digital resource for commuters to have more control in their journey when travelling on Metrorail trains in the Western Cape. The first month has seen the mobi-site […]

Giving infrastructure projects a green rating: how to design ‘green’ from the inside out

As we face significant challenges issues such as climate change and global warning, it is clear that the engineering profession has a significant part to play in influencing the future of our planet. Whatever we may think about environmental responsibility, we can be sure of this: that we all need, and will continue to need, […]

Fuel-cell cargo bike could power your lights and TV too

Locally designed hydrogen-powered tricycle – named ‘A hi Fambeni’, Xitsonga for ‘Let’s go’ – has attracted much attention since its 2010 launch in South Africa as a sustainably powered goods-to-market vehicle for rural areas. It’s also an entry into the international SMART Mobility EnterPrize competition, which aims to identify existing and emerging sustainable mobility business […]


  1. After 14 years living in CT, I took the train from CT to Simonstown for the first time ever last Saturday. I can honestly say that it’s not an exercise we will repeat any time soon. The trains are absolutely shocking, the service non-existent and we had to pay extra for our folding bikes, The trip came to nearly R100 for the 2 of us, so it’s probably cheaper to take the car.
    So happy we live this side of the mountain, and have a very decent MyCiti bus system and a even greater cycling path!

  2. I’ve been trying for a long time to find clarity on Metrorail’s bikes-on-board stance, and it’s really difficult. But being charged to take folding bikes on board is rather startling! I’ve mailed your comment (without your name!) to the relevant people at Metrorail, so let’s see what they have to say…

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