The Department of Environmental Affairs, in partnership with KfW (German Development Bank), is hosting a two-day conference at Gallagher Estate on 2&3 August 2012, to highlight their walking and cycling demonstration projects. These projects form part of the DEA’s National Greening Programme, launched in May 2010 in Sandton, Johannesburg.

On Thursday 2 August, from 3 pm onward, speakers and two panel discussions will consider some of questions many of us ask ourselves: can international best practice (such as park&ride, cycling and greener fuels) work in South Africa; can we transform our local infrastructure guidelines to include all modes of transport; and whether walking, cycling and public transport are complementary or competitve. Speakers include local and international experts on universal design, bicycle-share, NMT communication and planning, precinct development, NMT infrastructure, and financing transport technology. This will be followed by a cocktail event and dinner at 6.30 pm.

On Friday 3 August, procedings begin at 9 am, and keynote speakers include City of Johannesburg Mayor: Councilor Parks Tau; Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs: Ms Edna Molewa; Minister of Transport: Mr Dikobe Ben Martins; University of Cape Town: Dr Marianne Vanderschuren; and German Ambassador to South Africa: Dr Horst Freitag. The cities of Polokwane, Johannesburg and eThekwini will present details of their walking & cycling projects, and invite questions that will enable other practitioners to learn from their work and implement similar projects. Procedings will close after an informal lunch at 1 pm.

The aim of the NMT conference is to:
• show the interface between transportation and greener cities;
• highlight the role that NMT can play in enhancing mobility in cities; and
• show how an integrated transport system can help reduce emissions through institutional, behavioural and technological changes.

Speakers include:
• Bradley Schroeder, Independent bike-share consultant
• Carlos Esteves, eThekwini Transport Authority
• Dorah Nteo, Department of Environment
• Gail Jennings, Independent NMT specialist
• Gerhard Hitge, City of Cape Town, Integrated Transport Policy & Planning
• Guy Davies, Disability Solutions & Rustenburg Rapid Transport
• Khibi Manana, National Department of Transport, Public Transport Network Development
• Marianne Vanderschuren, University of Cape Town
• Molatelo Rapetsoa, Polokwane Local Municipality Engineering Services
• Raoul Goosen, Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) Green Industries
• Simphiwe Ntuli, City of Johannesburg Transport Planning

Attendance is free, and we welcome delegates on one or both days, but please do RSVP by close of business Tuesday 17 July 2012 to Please note any dietary preferences, and whether you will be attending both days and dinner/lunch. Download the 2.5 meg pdf invitation and detailed programme (subject to change): Green Cities_Promoting the NMT Agenda Conference.

Who should attend?
• Urban planners & designers
• Transportation planners and engineers
• Landscape architects and urban designers
• Building managers and urban developers
• Anyone who is interested in sustainability and liveable cities
• Environmental educators and practitioners
• People who walk and cycle
• Community activists
• The media, including bloggers




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  1. Please have a look at A recent initiative to register bicycles against your ID number. This as part of a campaign to reduce bicycle theft and recovery in South Africa. Its a privatley funded initiative for cyclists by cyclists … ALL cyclists.

  2. Everytime I hear talk about public transport I ask myselsf “what public transport?” If I need to go a few streets down the road I have to take the car. In many other countries there are so many options. Why can’t we have tuk tuks or something similar? Would make life a lot easier than having to take the car out for very little errand.

    Although SA is great tourist destination and we do get lost of tourists, I’ve heard many comment that in other countries one can just get into ‘cab’ / tuk tuk and go anywhere but here it’s difficult to do so because of such few options.

    • Perhaps what’s more accurate is that SA lacks quality public transport. There’s certainly no shortage of public transport – in fact between 60-80% of people in SA rely on it (we have an exceptionally high public:private modal split). But it’s the quality, reliability, safety, frequency that’s more the issue…


  1. […] information and a conference programme can be found on theRide Your City webpage. Related Articles Share About Author […]

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