LAWS, BIKE LANES, CRACKDOWNS: HOW BEST CAN WE BE SAFE ON THE ROAD – Join us for our CycleSafety debate on 5 June 2013, Josephine Mill (CT)


Join CycleLINKS, RideYourCity and PedalPower for a panel discussion about international best practice and local reality, taking at look at the bicycle safety laws, facilities and behaviour patterns that operate in bicycle-friendly countries ‘vs’ those South Africa…

We’ll be asking questions around what works, what doesn’t, and how can we graft international best practice onto local conditions: urban sprawl, long distances, inequitable distribution of resources and a status-obsessed, car-based culture.

Panelists include:

Louis de Waal: transport engineer and bicycle planner since the 1970s, the grandfather of all things NMT in South Africa. The inspiration behind the 1.5 m passing distance proposal. Read more about him here.

Lance Burger: Senior Counsel, Pedal Power Association exco, and drafter of excellent input to the Western Cape Provincial proposed Cyclist Safety Regulations. If you haven’t read them yet, find them here

Gail Jennings: sustainable mobility and NMT consultant, publisher of the Cape Town Bicycle Map and researcher about transport equity, policy and best practice. She’ll compare Cape Town ‘then’ and now and see how far we’ve come… @rideyourcity

When: Wednesday 5 June 2013

Where: Josephine Mill, 13 Boundary Road, Newlands

What time: 17.30 – 19.30

What else: food, wine, beer, sponsored by Pedal Power; We’ll also have Safe Cycling goodies to give away, Cape Town Bicycle Maps, AND our K53 petition to sign (Watch this space for details about how you can win a bike by getting more petition signatures than anyone else… ) Sign the online petition here.

And more… : We’ll be filming the debate and transcribing our outcomes – thanks to Carlos at AHB films…

RSVP here:

logo 250px 2cms@CYCLELINKS is a community engagement platform where we assist bicycle initiatives to grow through rides, events and activism. Linked up and have fun!


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  1. Hi there the afrikaans speaking person at the Josephine mill still think after all factors taken into consideration .The diversity of the nation ,finance every possible angle from my point of view as a cyclist experience the traffic and how motorist behaves .They will try to sq ease for any possible gap , biggest of all heavy duty vehicles and taxis , any serious accident will be investigated by law . if the one meter with the withdrawal of licence until proven not guilty take place .This will result in disciplining society . Meanwhile this could take a long time to prove your innocence . If found guilty the guilty party should do his licence over .For the company`s and everybody else this would put the fear in everyone including the cyclist , so this is very fair and not racist discriminating. The employer could also be held responsible for using unlicensed driver ,and would surely warn the staff that they could lose their work .Most in portend the news will spread like wildfire , and will remain so . We are not going to chance people this i believe would be the most effective . The law people chance the proposal as they see fit . As a God fearing person i have no fear of the roads politics economy . i do what is right and as safe as possible and God will do the rest . Thank you very much for the evening also ppa. and sponsorship .

    • Hi there – and thanks for posting, as I was sorry we didn’t get your name or the chance to respond. I’m going to ask Lance Burger to respond from his legal persecutive and we’ll get back to you.

    • Response from Lance Burger, Senior Counsel and Exco Member, PPA:

      “A provision that allows the licence of a motorist involved in a collision with a cyclists be revoked already exists in the law. Under existing law the licence of anyone convicted of negligent or reckless driving can be revoked. In practice this is very seldom done. I have had a conversation with the advocate in the National Prosecution Authority responsible for overseeing traffic offences. He told me a while ago that people simply tell the magistrate that they need their licence for work or to get to work, and then the magistrate does not revoke the licence.

      “The suggestion that a licence be taken away before a conviction is not feasible. I doubt that anyone will persuade the powers that be to do so. A more feasible change, which will also face an uphill battle, would be to revoke the licence of everyone convicted of negligent or reckless driving (without discretion). Such a law will has its problems as well, and it might work unfairly in individual cases. It would solve the problem that hardly anyone’s licence is taken away. From a cycling advocacy point of view there are other goals for legislative change that is more easily achievable (for example putting cycling awareness in the driving test). Effort should rather be put into those goals.”

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