The Cape Town Bicycle Map was developed by Gail Jennings, editor of MOBILITY magazine, urban cyclist, researcher, writer and PhD researcher in transport geography. She has been riding a bicycle as transport in Cape Town since 1990, and will never forget the difference that fraction of bicycle lane between Liesbeeck Park and Pinelands made to her life 🙂 Nor the realisation, upon receipt of a super-heavy burgundy Raleigh bomber, that she would never have to look at a train or bus timetable again – a bicycle is personal mobility of the happiest sort.

Yes, she does own a car, but tries to leave it at home as often as possible. And sadly, that Raleigh bomber was stolen in 1993, but its replacement, a red Bridgestone MB5, is still in good shape (and now shares the office or garage with a range of other bicycles, all of whom believe they are the favourite.)

The walls of the Cape Town Bicycle Map / MOBILITY office are covered with bicycle and transit maps, from New York, Lancaster, Paris, Gotoborg, London… And since 2006 it’s been our dream to create a bicycle map for Cape Town…


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