Pedestrian priority, Washington DC way

For Guy and Lisa… If Washington DC can get traffic signals to include a dedicated green-for-pedestrians, why can’t we? And why are we unable to instill the fear of the law into motorists… yesterday my airport-shuttle driver told me that his traffic violation record is checked every three months; one violation a month and he’ll […]

Temporary Woonerf coming to @openstreetsct in OBS tomorrow (25 May 2013)

Instead of remaining an artery for the usual flow of traffic, Lower Main Road in Observatory and Salt River is to be transformed into a car-free meeting place for residents wanting to take part in activities ranging from the arts and giant chess, to skateboarding and cycling this Saturday [25 May 2013]. Open Streets will […]

Where’s the NMT in TfCT? Cape launches Transport Authority with cyclists relegated to mere ‘performance’

Non-motorised transport is not truly taken seriously by the City of Cape Town, say NMT advocates in the wake of today’s much-hyped launch of ‘Transport for Cape Town’. “Cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair users and skateboarders continue to be seen as recreational or worse – ‘performance’ – and at the launch were banished to the confines of […]


In its email newsletter today, the Pedal Power Association notes that “Several complaints have been received by the operators regarding the behaviour of cyclists on Chapman’s Peak, riding abreast and/or taking up the whole road. This has prompted discussions of banning cycling on Chappies. This cannot happen! Please ride responsibly: Keep left, and make sure […]