Peaceful streets in Irene – one of the few ‘woonerven’ in South Africa

For the residents of Irene Village, outside Tshwane, it wasn’t enough to simply complain about fast, dangerous residential streets, or long for a safer neighbourhood. Instead, they had their villlage officially declared a place for people. In terms of the Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, Sign R403 [the Woonerf sign] indicates to the driver […]

Why Complete Streets are the answer

© North America is on the verge of a new paradigm of street design, with planning authorities recognising that people-based design is the key to fostering vibrant cities. At the forefront of the ‘street revolution’ is the concept of Complete Streets, a policy tool to ensure that road design considers the needs of all […]

10 Greatest Roads to Ride (including one in Cape Town), from a blogger we can believe…

Alistair Humphreys is my favourite ‘travel writer’: he’s one of those rare people who is not only an adventurer (he cycled 4 600 miles around in the world in four years, with no big sponsorships or fancy gear), but someone who writes beautifully. His two publications, Moods of Future Joys, and Thunder & Sunshine are […]

Philadelphia ranked best big city for bike commuting in the US

Shows how much city marketing contributes to perceptions… I’m willing to bet that almost everyone thinks the top US bike cities are NYV and Portland Oregon… Interesting when you consider that in South Africa, according to the most recent travel data anyway, Tshwane, JHB and Cape Town have almost the same bicycle mode share (and […]

Bicycling mag: where have all the women gone?

A quick perusal of the March 2011 edition of Bicycling magazine suggests that women are not only barely visible on our roads, but they’ve been banished from the pages of Bicycling magazine. In a 114-page edition, with an average of one pic per page, there are 5 pics of women, total, in the entire publication. […]