Invitation: CUT YOUR COMMUTER CARBON with WWF National Climate Change Office

Do you take a bus, train or minibus taxi, or bicycle or walk, to work or study? Congratulations, you are already part of the solution to climate change. Or are you hoping to afford your own car some day? You have every right to affordable, safe and convenient transport – or to have access to […]


The Cape Town Bicycle Map, in print since 2011, is now available online – in both website and smart phone editions (Android, IOS and Windows mobile). The first version of the online map includes all the information presented on the print map as well as additional functionality, such as pan and zoom, bookmarks, search, and […]

Pedestrian priority, Washington DC way

For Guy and Lisa… If Washington DC can get traffic signals to include a dedicated green-for-pedestrians, why can’t we? And why are we unable to instill the fear of the law into motorists… yesterday my airport-shuttle driver told me that his traffic violation record is checked every three months; one violation a month and he’ll […]

Bike lanes, sharrows, even Segways… a Friday afternoon in Washington DC