Have your say: Should Old Marine Drive, central Cape Town, become an ‘NMT Mall’?

Every day, thousands of people of people set out on foot between Cape Town Station, the Long Distance Bus Terminus and the Civic Centre, and onward into central Cape Town. The numbers are increasing monthly, as the MyCiTi Inner City and TableView routes become more and more popular. And with the new MyCiTi cycle ways […]

Red Cafe Steenberg: do you get more bicycle friendly than this?

If you want bicycles to use the bike parking…

Then provide bicycle parking racks to which the cyclist can lock the frame and the wheels, and not risk the bike falling over and crunching its wheels… Constantia Village, we love the fact that you welcome bikes (well, outside, of course, don’t dare soil the inner sanctum with your bike, even if you’re walking alongside […]

Should we be Copenhagenizing Cape Town?

Ezra Goldman, one of my cycling and PhD colleagues, has these insights from our trip to Velo-City. I agree with him, and more (the more, I’ll post on his blog asap…) “I just got back from a week in Seville, Spain at the Velo-City global bicycling conference. Velo-City began as a european bicycling conference in […]

Contemplating CT cycling conditions…

Contemplating CT cycling conditions… After a week of everyday,  urban cycling in Sevilla, I’m contemplating my ride home today… In a city such as Sevilla, where cycling is simply an ordinary activity, it’s easy: no change of clothing needed, no helmet, no bike lights (streets are well lit), no psyching yourself up for the aggression, […]