Don’t miss the Bicycle Jamboree, hosted by Woodstock Cycleworks and CycleLINKS,27 April 2013,German Club, CT

Don’t miss Woodstock CycleWorks’ second birthday bash, and CycleLINKS’ Bicycle Jamboree, at the German Club, CT, on Saturday 27 April 2013. For details of the programme, contact @cyclelinks or; otherwise, we’re suspecting that the programme will run something like this: 10am – Open market 11am – Sports begin 14h:15 – cycleLINKS and short films […]

Bicycle decor, Stanford

Our 10 best books on bicycling

Yesterday Outside magazine published its Ten Best Books on BICYCLES (see below), and so we thought we’d do the same ☺ Interestingly, none of our books appear on their list… What books would you add? 1. Around Africa on my bicycle, by Riaan Manser (2007) 2. Bicycle Portraits, Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler (2012) 3. […]

Basil bike baskets – find them at GreenDrinks 28 May, Josephine Mill, CT, and at

My much-loved and well-worn bicycle commuting backpack is feeling twinges of insecurity – because Basil messenger bags, baskets, panniers and other general bits of bicycle beauty are now easily available in SA… Cape Bike Supply: urban cycling outfitters was founded by Simone Lilienfeld and Riaz Arbi, who ‘were more or less forced into cycling while […]

You know bicycles are cool when the’re used to sell property