In its email newsletter today, the Pedal Power Association notes that “Several complaints have been received by the operators regarding the behaviour of cyclists on Chapman’s Peak, riding abreast and/or taking up the whole road. This has prompted discussions of banning cycling on Chappies. This cannot happen! Please ride responsibly: Keep left, and make sure […]

In their own words: Why Metrorail won’t permit #bikesonboard –– yet…

Bicycles damage commuters’ clothing, and other reasons… It’s international best practice, an obvious way in which to integrate different modes of transport and promote NMT, and an excellent way in which to telescope distance in our sprawling, low-density cities… But Metrorail – the ‘backbone of public transport’ in Cape Town at least – remains unconvinced. […]

Media invite: “Managing Urban Land: a guide for municipal practitioners”

The functioning of any city’s land market is central to the lives and livelihoods of its residents – especially the poor. Actively influencing the way urban land markets operate is a crucial factor in improving our cities. Yet there is a generally poor understanding by municipal officials of how urban land markets work, or the […]

Cognitive dissonance take ‘n’…. National NMT policy vs proposed bicycle trailer ban…

South African Department of Transport’s draft NMT Strategy says: The local transport solutions like animal traction, trailers, handcarts or bicycles could assist poor and rural communities in making them more efficient with small business and domestic duties.” So why are they now trying to ban bicycle trailers from public roads? NOTICE 458 OF 2012, DEPARTMENT […]

Can variable speed limits in South Africa work?

Speed limits vary, of course, not only according to vehicle type, but also according to the time of day, traffic conditions, work zone activities, weather conditions, and the lane in which the vehicle travels. So should we then focus our road safety approach on variable speed limits, for example different speed limits for different vehicles, […]