Cognitive dissonance… of the Cycle Tour, bikes on trains, and extra capacity…

Metrorail recently took a policy decision, we’re told, to not permit bicycles on trains in Cape Town – a decision that has significant impact on integration, equity and connectivity within a city of long travel distances (too far to ride). And when questioned about its inability to deal with desperately overloaded carriages in the metro-south-east, […]

Law, ethics & medicine: University of London on helmet legislation

“We cannot support legislation that would require competent adults to wear cycle helmets, particularly given the lack of evidence regarding the effectiveness of cycle helmets and given the importance of defending people’s right to take risks with their health,’ say authors Dr Carwyn Hooper and John Spicer of The Division of Population Health and Education, […]


Optimizing health in transport and climate change measures – new report identifies key strategies DURBAN – Rapid transit and safe cycling/walking networks are good for both health and climate – and climate experts should consider more systematically how these strategies can reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector, one of the world’s major contributors to […]

Pics: Bicycle parking at Kuils River Station, Winelands

30 or 40 or so bicycle parking racks (the kind we LIKE, not wheel-benders or rim-destroyers), undercover, protected by security staff from 6am to 6pm… Well done City of Cape Town. Some cyclists leave their locks attacked to the racks overnight, to save on weight on the bike. Great to see signage the recognises the […]

City staffers plead for better cycle/pedestrian safety signage

The City of Cape Town is currently updating its Bicycle Master Plan, and have called for consultants and province to take into account the need for better bicycle and pedestrian safety signage. A City of Cape Town staffer, passionate about road safety, shared with us how when holiday in the Northern Cape, he made some […]