In their own words: Why Metrorail won’t permit #bikesonboard –– yet…

Bicycles damage commuters’ clothing, and other reasons… It’s international best practice, an obvious way in which to integrate different modes of transport and promote NMT, and an excellent way in which to telescope distance in our sprawling, low-density cities… But Metrorail – the ‘backbone of public transport’ in Cape Town at least – remains unconvinced. […]

Riders in Rustenburg: a city planning to take walkers and cyclists seriously

The City of Rustenburg, North West, is the next city on South Africa’s list to “get BRT” – a high-quality, integrated bus, pedestrian and cycling system. These are just some of the cyclists who’re set to benefit from a system that’s taking them into account 🙂

Can Indonesian cities drive emissions down without tackling transport?

By: Isyana Artharini on December 7th, 2011, Indonesia has ambitious plans to green dozens of its cities to help fight climate change. But these plans won’t affect the transport sector for more than a decade and experts warn this could create more environmental problems. When Indonesia pledged two years ago to reduce its emissions […]


Optimizing health in transport and climate change measures – new report identifies key strategies DURBAN – Rapid transit and safe cycling/walking networks are good for both health and climate – and climate experts should consider more systematically how these strategies can reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector, one of the world’s major contributors to […]