Pedestrian priority, Washington DC way

For Guy and Lisa… If Washington DC can get traffic signals to include a dedicated green-for-pedestrians, why can’t we? And why are we unable to instill the fear of the law into motorists… yesterday my airport-shuttle driver told me that his traffic violation record is checked every three months; one violation a month and he’ll […]

City staffers plead for better cycle/pedestrian safety signage

The City of Cape Town is currently updating its Bicycle Master Plan, and have called for consultants and province to take into account the need for better bicycle and pedestrian safety signage. A City of Cape Town staffer, passionate about road safety, shared with us how when holiday in the Northern Cape, he made some […]

Peaceful streets in Irene – one of the few ‘woonerven’ in South Africa

For the residents of Irene Village, outside Tshwane, it wasn’t enough to simply complain about fast, dangerous residential streets, or long for a safer neighbourhood. Instead, they had their villlage officially declared a place for people. In terms of the Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, Sign R403 [the Woonerf sign] indicates to the driver […]

Pic: Beautiful vintage bike in need of rescue

Seen outside the antique shop on Main rd, Diep River. Needs to be rescued…

The signs they are a-changin… Ou Kaapse Weg drops speed limit by 10km

See our post earlier this year, about the speed limits on this stretch of road. I think 80km is still too fast, would have preferred 70km, but I guess it’s better than nothing?