AFRICA: ‘Bicycles Are For Good

By Gail Jennings Repairing bicycles in Rundu, Namibia. / Gail Jennings/IPS CAPE TOWN, May 27 (IPS) – “Politicians may tell us that bicycles are a sign that we are not advancing,” says Patrick Kayemba, managing director of the First African Bicycle Information Organization in Uganda, “but we ourselves have seen that cycling is a socio-economic […]

Car-free day in Sevilla, Spain – Velo-City 2011

Car-free day in Sevilla, Spain – Velo-City 2011 “CICLOVIDA – or car-free days – originated in cities in Latin America to temporarily open a city’s streets to its inhabitants, so that they can make the most of a safe place for recreation, to enjoy public spaces, to promote peaceful co-existence, respect, social cohesion and environmental […]

Zambikes goes to Sevilla