The Cape Town Bicycle Map, in print since 2011, is now available online – in both website and smart phone editions (Android, IOS and Windows mobile). The first version of the online map includes all the information presented on the print map as well as additional functionality, such as pan and zoom, bookmarks, search, and […]

Printed copies of CapeTownBicycleMap 2013: ready for distribution….

The Cape Town Bicycle Map was developed to encourage more people to ride a bicycle for more reasons: for practical reasons, not only for sport. So we have identified a network of safer, connected routes (recommended by you…), located bicycle infrastructure, parking, bicycle-friendly venues and bicycle touring routes, and included information about cyclists’ rights, responsibilities […]

Bike lanes planned for Kommetjie road, Fish Hoek: this is what we think…

Dear City of Cape Town Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the proposed traffic plan and bicycle infrastructure for Kommetjie arterial. It’s good to see that despite the challenges, the City of Cape Town is at least on this stretch of road able to act on its vision of ensuring that NMT (non-motorised […]

Cape Town has 9 738 km of roads for cyclists – but there’re still those who think we have no right to them…

FB STATUS FROM PERSON WHO THINKS CYCLISTS HAVE NO RIGHT TO THE ROAD… just screamed at a bunch of cyclists using the highway and not the cycle path us tax payers spent millions building. Not feeling good about it though – if they want to kill themselves and us, well no good me losing it […]

Have your say: Should Old Marine Drive, central Cape Town, become an ‘NMT Mall’?

Every day, thousands of people of people set out on foot between Cape Town Station, the Long Distance Bus Terminus and the Civic Centre, and onward into central Cape Town. The numbers are increasing monthly, as the MyCiTi Inner City and TableView routes become more and more popular. And with the new MyCiTi cycle ways […]