Bike-Share Systems Already Thrive in Africa

Bike-Share Systems Already Thrive in Africa Gail Jennings – CAPE TOWN – Jun 23 2011 – published by IPS Africa In central Cape Town one winter morning, despite the gale force wind and the threat of rain, Jacques Sibomana, who was going to be ‘up and down the city all day’, decided he’d rather cycle […]

AFRICA: ‘Bicycles Are For Good

By Gail Jennings Repairing bicycles in Rundu, Namibia. / Gail Jennings/IPS CAPE TOWN, May 27 (IPS) – “Politicians may tell us that bicycles are a sign that we are not advancing,” says Patrick Kayemba, managing director of the First African Bicycle Information Organization in Uganda, “but we ourselves have seen that cycling is a socio-economic […]

New from Bicycle Portraits today – can’t wait for their book :-)

PS – Read to the end and please tell me you agree that Craig Harwood is so wrong;-) “Hi everyone. We’ve been working hard on getting all our latest images and interviews on the site. But we did make time to quickly shoot off for a short Bicycle Portraits trip a week ago. In Grabouw, […]

Some new Bicycle Portraits

We love Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler ‘s Bicycle Portraits project (and not only because they helped us with pics for the Cape Town Bicycle Map). But their latest pics are particularly interesting – to me, anyway – because I’ve seen each of these guys around the city, and on many occasions have used Patrick […]