Don’t forget: #bikesonboard launch, Friday 5 April, Platform 22, Cape Town Station

Proof that patience, and working together, pays off 🙂 And we’ll have Cape Town Bicycle Maps to give you too, in case you get lost en-route …There are a number of route options between Newlands and Observatory stations but if you’re more adventurous it is possible to ride almost entirely away from mixed traffic, on […]

Join us to launch #bikesonboard with Metrorail, Friday 5 April, 9-9.30 am, Platform 22, CT Station

We are really happy to be able to announce the launch of #bikesonboard with Metorail… Metrorail invites you all to the introduction of Bikes on Board Metrorail trains during the off-peak periods. Date: Friday 5 April 2013 Time: 9-9.30 am (registration) Where: Platform 22, Cape Town Station Programme: After a short background and overview of […]

With #bikesonboard there’re no more excuses to miss #moonlightmass

Thanks to the persuasive powers of Daniel Graham (@Cpt.Grimmy) and Elad Kirshenbaum (@onekcollection), and the enthusiasm of Metrorail team Daphne Kayster and Riana Scott, you can cross-off one of your reasons for not riding #moonlightmass… Now you no longer have to drive from the southern suburbs or south peninsula to get to Green Point circle… […]

In their own words: Why Metrorail won’t permit #bikesonboard –– yet…

Bicycles damage commuters’ clothing, and other reasons… It’s international best practice, an obvious way in which to integrate different modes of transport and promote NMT, and an excellent way in which to telescope distance in our sprawling, low-density cities… But Metrorail – the ‘backbone of public transport’ in Cape Town at least – remains unconvinced. […]