Shift Happens! Critical Mass 20th Anniversary publication… and we’re in it …

It’s finally here! Critical Mass 20th Anniversary events and celebratory ride are next week in San Francisco, but South Africa will be there in spirit. describes Shift Happens as “An international collection of 39 essays covering the history and practice of Critical Mass, the monthly gathering of bicyclists, that takes place in over 400 […]

Our 10 best books on bicycling

Yesterday Outside magazine published its Ten Best Books on BICYCLES (see below), and so we thought we’d do the same ☺ Interestingly, none of our books appear on their list… What books would you add? 1. Around Africa on my bicycle, by Riaan Manser (2007) 2. Bicycle Portraits, Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler (2012) 3. […]

BikeSnob’s new book to look forward to: The Enlightened Cyclist: Commuter Angst, Dangerous Drivers, and Other Obstacles on the Path to Two-Wheeled Trancendence

Says Amazon: The joys of commuting by bike attract scores of new converts every year. But as fresh-faced cyclists fill the roads, they also encounter their share of frustrations careless drivers, wide-flung car doors, zoned-out pedestrians, and aggressive fellow cyclists, to name a few. In this follow-up to the best-selling Bike Snob, BikeSnobNYC takes on […]