Pics: Fantastic new multi-use paths in lower Tokai plantation (beware the dogs, though…)

This is what we love about ‘the Argus’

It’s the one day of the year when the streets are for people. And we’re not talking about the 35 000 racing participants, but everyone else, out on their bikes with their families and friends, with their prams, dogs and kiddies. That’s what makes it such a great day!

Look mum, no ‘no bicycles’: the new Green Point Park

The Green Point Park is a fine addition to Cape Town’s public landscape – and it’s all the more remarkable because there is no ‘no cycling’ or ‘no bicycles’ signage. Quite the contrary, cycling is actively encouraged, as these Sunday morning pictures show. (Although it’s not clear why there is a battery of bicycle parking […]

Voting with your bike

Fish Hoek beach has always been a popular coffee stop for cyclists out training, but lately I’ve noticed more and more people simply using their bikes to get to the beach and back. Like today, where we shared a table with a couple and their 3-year-old-daughter; they live just 5km or so from the beach, […]