LAWS, BIKE LANES, CRACKDOWNS: HOW BEST CAN WE BE SAFE ON THE ROAD – Join us for our CycleSafety debate on 5 June 2013, Josephine Mill (CT)

LAWS, BIKE LANES, CRACKDOWNS: HOW BEST CAN WE BE SAFE ON THE ROADS Join CycleLINKS, RideYourCity and PedalPower for a panel discussion about international best practice and local reality, taking at look at the bicycle safety laws, facilities and behaviour patterns that operate in bicycle-friendly countries ‘vs’ those South Africa… We’ll be asking questions around […]

Don’t miss the Bicycle Jamboree, hosted by Woodstock Cycleworks and CycleLINKS,27 April 2013,German Club, CT

Don’t miss Woodstock CycleWorks’ second birthday bash, and CycleLINKS’ Bicycle Jamboree, at the German Club, CT, on Saturday 27 April 2013. For details of the programme, contact @cyclelinks or; otherwise, we’re suspecting that the programme will run something like this: 10am – Open market 11am – Sports begin 14h:15 – cycleLINKS and short films […]

cycleLINKS 0.45 (20 Nov) Presents… The Bicycle: Breaking Social Barriers and Redefining Art

Who: Activists, enthusiasts, artists and lifestyle riders What: We share stories about the historical commuter lifestyle in CapeTown and what it means #commutingeveryday today Guest of Honour: LOUIS DE WAAL: transport engineer, bicycle commuter, and bicycle activist for more than 60 years. Other speakers: GAIL JENNINGS:: publisher of the CapeTown Bicycle Map, and NMT Consultant. […]

Can CT shift from rhetoric to reality? GREENCycleLINKS & DRINKS CAPETOWN – 28 May 2012

Thanks so much to Marcela Guerrero Casas, the unassuming activist behind World Naked Bike Ride (CT), who’s now rounding up the bicycle clans to take it further. So let’s move Cape Town from rhetoric to reality, with an evening for bike-minded people to connect…. GREENCycleLINKS&DRINKSCAPETOWN DATE & TIME: Monday 28th MAY 2012, 18h30 onwards (Talks […]