Contemplating CT cycling conditions…

Contemplating CT cycling conditions… After a week of everyday,  urban cycling in Sevilla, I’m contemplating my ride home today… In a city such as Sevilla, where cycling is simply an ordinary activity, it’s easy: no change of clothing needed, no helmet, no bike lights (streets are well lit), no psyching yourself up for the aggression, […]

Buy local by bike

You don’t have to be a hero every time you ride your bike… You don’t HAVE to ride to work, rain or wind, carrying your entire mobile office on your back… But what’s your excuse for driving 3km to the local veggie man when you could go by bike? (Unless, of course, it’s because you […]

Why we don’t want wheelbenders

Today I drove 4km to the local shopping centre… It was perfect weather, the route is flat, and the distance quick and easy (when bicycle activists talk about the most appropriate distance for utility cycling, they’re talking 4-8km…) But the problem is bicycle parking… Very few South African shopping centres or malls allow bicycles past […]