Best bike racks we’ve seen so far: The Green Hub, Umgeni River, Durban

These are great as the shape and size makes it possible to lock smaller or children’s bikes. This is what I’ll recommend to clients from now on… Advertisements

Durban’s bike lanes punctured by EIA regulations…

November 16 2011 at 12:53pm nm cop bicycles 3 Tony Carnie – copyright The Mercury, txs to Brandon van Eeden for heads-up… When Fifa executives returned to Switzerland with their bulging swag bag of soccer loot last year, ordinary South Africans could at least take some comfort from the fact that the World Cup turned […]

Durban bicycle plan kicks into gear – but will it translate into reality?

eThekwini begins cycle lane construction – ahead of COP 17 and beyond… But we’ll be watching, as dreams, plans and strategies don’t always become reality… And look out for our story in MOBILITY magazine about Durban’s plans for COP 17 transport (will they turn out to be smoke and mirrors?). “Think bike – for this […]