Basil bike baskets – find them at GreenDrinks 28 May, Josephine Mill, CT, and at

My much-loved and well-worn bicycle commuting backpack is feeling twinges of insecurity – because Basil messenger bags, baskets, panniers and other general bits of bicycle beauty are now easily available in SA… Cape Bike Supply: urban cycling outfitters was founded by Simone Lilienfeld and Riaz Arbi, who ‘were more or less forced into cycling while […]

BikeMOB for bike parking: GreenDrinks, Josephine Mill Cookhouse, 28 May 18.30 onward

You’ve heard about CarrotMobs, right? Kind of the opposite of a consumer boycott, rather like or a socially conscious ‘Groupon’ deal. Instead of joining a boycott, you join a ‘mob’ to spend money as a group if a business agrees to make a socially responsible change. So here’s the deal for Monday 28 May at […]

Can CT shift from rhetoric to reality? GREENCycleLINKS & DRINKS CAPETOWN – 28 May 2012

Thanks so much to Marcela Guerrero Casas, the unassuming activist behind World Naked Bike Ride (CT), who’s now rounding up the bicycle clans to take it further. So let’s move Cape Town from rhetoric to reality, with an evening for bike-minded people to connect…. GREENCycleLINKS&DRINKSCAPETOWN DATE & TIME: Monday 28th MAY 2012, 18h30 onwards (Talks […]