www.findmyway.mobi will show you the way to public transport in Cape Town – and beyond

South African start-up WhereIsMyTransport has just unveiled a free transport information portal (cell-phone friendly), designed to make the lives of commuting Capetonians (and visitors of course) a lot easier. This social initiative – called FindMyWay – has been designed by WhereIsMyTransport, a software company that to date has provided operational software to transport operators, such […]

In their own words: Why Metrorail won’t permit #bikesonboard –– yet…

Bicycles damage commuters’ clothing, and other reasons… It’s international best practice, an obvious way in which to integrate different modes of transport and promote NMT, and an excellent way in which to telescope distance in our sprawling, low-density cities… But Metrorail – the ‘backbone of public transport’ in Cape Town at least – remains unconvinced. […]

New mobile site will help Cape Town drivers find their way out of their cars

Cape Town start-up WhereIsMyTransport is preparing for the release of their latest online endeavour, FindMyWay, a free service that will make the lives of commuting Capetonians much easier. The site will be the first one-stop portal of public transport and commuter information in Cape Town, and is due to launch in mid October. The Cape […]