Muizenberg Moonlight Cycle Meander #MCM – Sat 5 May, 5.30pm, Surfers’ Circle :-)

Join @RideYourCity, @FabulousFalse Bay, @Muizenberg Improvement District, @safertogether, @BaywatchEvents, @justmobility, and @pacelinesports, and everyone else too, for the first Muizenberg Moonlight Cycle Meander… Meet at 5.30 Surfers’ Circle (or thereabouts) on Saturday 5 May, to coincide with the monthly SaferTogether Moonlight Meander. Bring lights, friends, family… We were thinking of a slow and easy ride […]

Cape Town’s NMT policy and plans

The City of Cape Town has released an official statement about its NMT (non-motorised transport) policy, and the role of the MyCiTi cycle lanes (see below). Many of the projects mentioned below are for pedestrians, not cyclists, so we didn’t include them on the map,  or they are short stretches and not-yet part of a […]

Poor route connectivity curbs bicycle commuting

Until local implementing authorities exhibit greater courage and commitment to bicycle commuting, isolated ‘Bike to Work’ days and disconnected bike lanes will not draw the crowds, writes Gail Jennings. In a joint media release issued by the City of Cape Town and Pedal Power Association in support of a ‘Bike to Work’ initiative held during […]