Bike lanes planned for Kommetjie road, Fish Hoek: this is what we think…

Dear City of Cape Town Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the proposed traffic plan and bicycle infrastructure for Kommetjie arterial. It’s good to see that despite the challenges, the City of Cape Town is at least on this stretch of road able to act on its vision of ensuring that NMT (non-motorised […]

Cyclist / pedestrian crash on Kommetjie Road… Will the City ever build bike lanes where we need them?

I’ve often wondered why the City of Cape Town didn’t ever build the bicycle lane allegedly promised, from MasiP toward the 4-way stop (OK I haven’t realy wondered why, I’d simply observd it, yet again… ) But yesterday as I was driving along Kommetjie Rd, I was looking at the multitudes of pedestrians walking along […]