‘Sometimes you just have to put up with things’: Kalk Bay – Muizenberg Main Road Cape Town #missed opportunity

There’s something of the ‘prodigal son’ in Cape Town’s planning for utility cycling: the impacts of climate change, declining urban quality, and a high regard for international best practice, have seen the city begin to beckon drivers from their vehicles with alternative infrastructure. But the cyclist who has kept the pedals turning all along is […]

Cyclist / pedestrian crash on Kommetjie Road… Will the City ever build bike lanes where we need them?

I’ve often wondered why the City of Cape Town didn’t ever build the bicycle lane allegedly promised, from MasiP toward the 4-way stop (OK I haven’t realy wondered why, I’d simply observd it, yet again… ) But yesterday as I was driving along Kommetjie Rd, I was looking at the multitudes of pedestrians walking along […]

Poor route connectivity curbs bicycle commuting

Until local implementing authorities exhibit greater courage and commitment to bicycle commuting, isolated ‘Bike to Work’ days and disconnected bike lanes will not draw the crowds, writes Gail Jennings. In a joint media release issued by the City of Cape Town and Pedal Power Association in support of a ‘Bike to Work’ initiative held during […]