Rustenburg Rapid Transport: ‘It’s not only about the bus’

Rustenburg Rapid Transport (RRT) is leading the way in managing mobility and congestion within a medium-city context, by paying careful attention to the needs of all road users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, public transport riders and motorists. As Gail Jennings, non-motorist transport consultant for RRT, told delegates at the ITSSA Urban Mobility and Congestion Management workshop […]

Bread by bicycle: Thlabane, Rustenburg

In ‘cool’, ‘trendy’, ‘designer’ cities, bicycle delivery services are cool, trendy, hip. They’re making a statement about about liveable cities, urban quality and climate change. In towns like Rustenburg, North WEST (South Africa), delivery by bicycle is simply the obvious way of moving small ‘freight’. Like this trike, from Thlabane Bakery and Confectionery. Bicycles move […]

Humber replicas: why are they so popular in Rustenburg?

Classic Humber bicycles were made by Humber car manufacturer from the 1880s until 1932 when sold to Raleigh, which continued the brand name into the 1970s. Today it seems you can find plenty of Humber Single Speed roadster (dikwiel) replicas bicycles with all the ‘vintage’ accessories such as stand, bell, dynamo head and taillight, mirror […]

Bicycle shop city… Nelson Mandela Ave in Rustenburg, North West

While doing field research for Rustenburg Rapid Transport’s NMT plan, we thought we’d take a ride through the city’s main road and count the number of bicycle shops. Rather a large number for a city in which we were warned that there were ‘no cyclists’… Seems like every general dealer sells bicycles, but none of […]

Riders in Rustenburg: a city planning to take walkers and cyclists seriously

The City of Rustenburg, North West, is the next city on South Africa’s list to “get BRT” – a high-quality, integrated bus, pedestrian and cycling system. These are just some of the cyclists who’re set to benefit from a system that’s taking them into account 🙂