Can variable speed limits in South Africa work?

Speed limits vary, of course, not only according to vehicle type, but also according to the time of day, traffic conditions, work zone activities, weather conditions, and the lane in which the vehicle travels. So should we then focus our road safety approach on variable speed limits, for example different speed limits for different vehicles, […]

Living the public transport lifestyle: is it possible in South Africa?

Public transport can only be fully unlocked by combining all excellent elements into one public transport experience. It requires more than a technical solution, and only a full package of interventions can provide the optimal environment in which a public transport-orientated lifestyle is the norm rather than the exception. By Erwin van Dijk and Gerhard Hitge […]

Bicycles deliver a low-carbon future

GAIL JENNINGS asks South Africa’s longest-standing bicycle activist, LOUIS DE WAAL, why cycling is one of the transport modes of the future. ‘The bicycle won’t solve the world’s problems… It could very well solve some of yours, however. On an individual level, the bicycle transforms lives: in times of plenty and times of hardship. The […]