Archive post: On Your Bicycle – Cape Town Central City Partners Forum, 19 April

“If you are on a bicycle, you understand your city so much better.” There’s no doubt about it – the use of bicycles is vital to creating more liveable cities for all citizens. It is one of the key points made in the “Our Cities Ourselves Exhibition: The Future of Transportation in Urban Life”, organized […]

Worldwide event, Ride of Silence – Cape Town joins in on 21 May 2011

The Ride of Silence is a free ride, hosted in cities worldwide, that aims to inform motorists, police and city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways. The ride is also honours those who have been killed or injured. For those in Cape Town – 10am @ Mouille Point Lighthouse 20km […]

Ramblings about road closures

Am I missing something? In what way does a cycle ride with full road closure ‘raise awareness regarding safety of cyclists’? Surely it delivers the opposite message, that cyclists can’t safety share the streets, and must be kept apart, or confined to ‘events’ and ‘races’ only…?

Why should cyclists take responsibility for drivers’ bad attitudes?

If, as Cape Town cycling association Pedal Power says, ‘most cyclists get hurt on the roads because they were not visible enough,’ why is the association not investing in eye tests for drivers, or educating them to look out for cyclists? Why are they giving away helmets to cyclists instead?

Contemplating CT cycling conditions…

Contemplating CT cycling conditions… After a week of everyday,  urban cycling in Sevilla, I’m contemplating my ride home today… In a city such as Sevilla, where cycling is simply an ordinary activity, it’s easy: no change of clothing needed, no helmet, no bike lights (streets are well lit), no psyching yourself up for the aggression, […]