Can variable speed limits in South Africa work?

Speed limits vary, of course, not only according to vehicle type, but also according to the time of day, traffic conditions, work zone activities, weather conditions, and the lane in which the vehicle travels. So should we then focus our road safety approach on variable speed limits, for example different speed limits for different vehicles, […]

Traffic calming comes to Village Lane, Noordhoek

For decades, residents (“us” not “them”) have been ignoring the 30km per hour signage and speeding through Village Lane – once a quiet lane used by pedestrians, horseriders, cyclists, children and skateboarders, now more often the path of impatient rat-runners… For almost as long, civic associations have been trying to persuade the City of Cape […]

Peaceful streets in Irene – one of the few ‘woonerven’ in South Africa

For the residents of Irene Village, outside Tshwane, it wasn’t enough to simply complain about fast, dangerous residential streets, or long for a safer neighbourhood. Instead, they had their villlage officially declared a place for people. In terms of the Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, Sign R403 [the Woonerf sign] indicates to the driver […]

The signs they are a-changin… Ou Kaapse Weg drops speed limit by 10km

See our post earlier this year, about the speed limits on this stretch of road. I think 80km is still too fast, would have preferred 70km, but I guess it’s better than nothing?

When is 90km per hour too slow?

Evidence that there’re others who wonder the same thing I do, as I ride or drive up Ou Kaapse Weg en-route to the office. Is it international best practice to have a 90km/h speed limit along a steep, winding mountain pass through a national park, which is also a corridor for critically endangered species and […]