Of broken-down-telephones, poor reporting, and cycle safety in Cape Town

How do we encourage informed, respectful and rigorous debate – and safer streets – when sensationalism is what sells and online forums encourage anonymity and contempt? On Monday morning, I gave a presentation at the City of Cape Town’s Cycle Safety Discussion, about the legislation and regulations that encourage cycling in countries with high bicycle […]

Red means stop, except for bikers in Kansas – from grist.org

BY ELLY BLUE Elly Blue is on a monthlong Dinner & Bikes tour around the western U.S., along with Portland bike filmmaker Joe Biel and traveling vegan chef Joshua Ploeg. This is one of her thrice-weekly dispatches from the road about bicycle culture and economy. Read them all here. Topeka, Kan.: “It’s OK to just […]

Stop signs don’t work for cyclists… true cycle-cities permit cyclists to treat stop signs as yields

Sure, cyclists don’t stop at practically all stop-controlled intersections. Most motorists don’t come to a complete stop either… The thing is, it is desirable, normal, and natural to keep up momentum when cycling. Not surrounded by 2 000 pounds of steel, we can see all around us (no blind spots!). We can hear and be […]