Imperfection and Flexibility: What Seville’s bicycle network can teach designers in the United States [and SA]

Excellent feature in US publication cyclingMOBILITY, about why the quest for infrastructure perfection can hinder usefullness. His feature is aimed at infrastructure designers in the US, but it can equally well apply in South Africa. Routes, connectivitiy, the quality of the network – these are all more important than the iconography… “An American colleague of […]

Seville’s lesson to the world: how to become bike-friendly was at the Velo-City 2011 conference in Seville, and this is their summary of Seville’s transformation… I can’t write it any better myself, so here it is 🙂 “Seville has drawn worldwide attention for its rapid growth as a bicycle friendly city. While PFB is focused on making the U.S. more bike friendly, many […]

Should we be Copenhagenizing Cape Town?

Ezra Goldman, one of my cycling and PhD colleagues, has these insights from our trip to Velo-City. I agree with him, and more (the more, I’ll post on his blog asap…) “I just got back from a week in Seville, Spain at the Velo-City global bicycling conference. Velo-City began as a european bicycling conference in […]

Car-free day in Sevilla, Spain – Velo-City 2011

Car-free day in Sevilla, Spain – Velo-City 2011 “CICLOVIDA – or car-free days – originated in cities in Latin America to temporarily open a city’s streets to its inhabitants, so that they can make the most of a safe place for recreation, to enjoy public spaces, to promote peaceful co-existence, respect, social cohesion and environmental […]

We love these bike-lane delineators, Sevilla