Humber replicas: why are they so popular in Rustenburg?

Classic Humber bicycles were made by Humber car manufacturer from the 1880s until 1932 when sold to Raleigh, which continued the brand name into the 1970s. Today it seems you can find plenty of Humber Single Speed roadster (dikwiel) replicas bicycles with all the ‘vintage’ accessories such as stand, bell, dynamo head and taillight, mirror […]

Cape Town hipsters on fixies make it into…

Cape Town hipsters sweat ironically in post-cool heat wave CAPE TOWN. As temperatures soar in the Western Cape, Cape Town’s hipsters are struggling to keep cool in a “post-cool” world. According to the city’s hipsters, who are most commonly found clustered around a Vida e or leaning against a graffitied brick wall jamming on their […]

Just then you thought you had enough bicycles: starlingandhero upcycles go online

Starlingandhero restores bicycles. Simple. Practical. Beautiful. “We hunt in markets, second hand stores and various dusty corners all over in search of classic steel bicycles, frames and vintage parts. We provide a commodity to be used and reused that might otherwise have been lost. Each restoration, referred to as an Upcycle, is unique and for […]

Pic: Beautiful vintage bike in need of rescue

Seen outside the antique shop on Main rd, Diep River. Needs to be rescued…