New from Bicycle Portraits today – can’t wait for their book :-)

PS – Read to the end and please tell me you agree that Craig Harwood is so wrong;-) “Hi everyone. We’ve been working hard on getting all our latest images and interviews on the site. But we did make time to quickly shoot off for a short Bicycle Portraits trip a week ago. In Grabouw, […]

Should we be Copenhagenizing Cape Town?

Ezra Goldman, one of my cycling and PhD colleagues, has these insights from our trip to Velo-City. I agree with him, and more (the more, I’ll post on his blog asap…) “I just got back from a week in Seville, Spain at the Velo-City global bicycling conference. Velo-City began as a european bicycling conference in […]

Bicycling mag: where have all the women gone?

A quick perusal of the March 2011 edition of Bicycling magazine suggests that women are not only barely visible on our roads, but they’ve been banished from the pages of Bicycling magazine. In a 114-page edition, with an average of one pic per page, there are 5 pics of women, total, in the entire publication. […]